Proline Firearms is a Division of 3 Zero Eight, LLC which is based in Rhode Island and created in 2012 out of the growing need for RWT (Real World Training) and RWG (Real World Gear).

Our staff is made up of licensed and insured armorers, certified M4 builders, trainers and just plain gunnuts with collectively over 80 years of building and triggerpulling experience.  Our policy from day one has always been if you are a local, state, federal or military professional, and you walk through our front door, that our office is yours. (And some of you have taken us up on that, no joke. You guys know who you are).

Proline has hundreds of custom built AR15's, AR10's and presision boltguns actively in service throughtout the United States and Overseas.  Our patrole carbines have won law enforcement competitions, as have our 308 boltguns.  We define a “weapon system” maybe a little different than others would.  To us the “System” isn’t just the “Weapon”, its the shooter; the correct weapon for the person and the purpose for its need.  Having a “target” pistol or rifle is completely different than having the need for a personal carry pistol or tactical rifle.  We'll help you figure this out or overload you with suggestions.

The Proline Training Team has trained over 200 individules, countless law enforcement officers, federal agents and our favirote.  The guys showing up jocked up from head to toe in 5.11, yeah dude we saw that movie too. We don't judge much...

So the only question is, "Which Line Do You Shoot From.." PROLINE