Cerakote Price List

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Disassembly / Reassembly

Additional to the cost of Cerakote prices. Ranges between $50 – $75 subject to the gun and effort. Contact Proline for pricing.

There is a $50.00 Minimum. We are currently operating between 1.5 to 2.5 weeks after taking receipt of project. If you request colors that are not normally stocked, these will require an additional $10 charge to your order. Call for details, as we stock the commonly use and most popular colors.


Complete – One Color $150.00
Complete – Two Colors $175.00
Complete – Three Color $210.00
Add Camo pattern (Three colors) $65.00
3 Color Kryptek pattern Complete + up to 2 mag bases $295.00
3 Color SnakeSkin pattern Complete + up to 2 mag bases $250.00
Distress Add- $38.00
Slide Only – One Color (stripped) $65.00
Frame Only – One Color (stripped) $65.00
Coat Barrel Only with Cerakote DFAC (Includes barrel bushing on 1911’s) $50.00
Coat Pistol Magazines – Each (must be one of the colors on gun) $15
Coat Pistol Magazine – Separate Color $20
Detail Stencil Work – $70.00 Surcharge
Hardware Only – $25.00

Complete Gun: Upper and Lower Receivers, Handguard, Pistol Grip, Pins, and Controls.  (NOT including stock)

One Color $220.00
Two Colors $235.00
Three Color Camouflage Pattern $375.00
Four Color Camouflage Patterns $400.00
Five Color Camouflage Patterns $425.00
Camouflage Using High-Temp Stencils – Stencil Surcharge $25.00
Coat 20/30rd AR Magazines One Color (each) $18.00
Semi-Auto Bolt and Bolt Carrier (AR or AK) Coat with Cerakote DFAC $50.00
Scope Mounts (One Color) $30.00
Scopes Standard – One Color C-Series $60.00
Scopes Target and Tactical – One Color C-Series (Includes masking of dials, etc) $85.00
Scopes Target and Tactical – Camouflage (costs may vary – call for quote) $125 – $250

AR Upper and Lower Receivers Only – One Color (Stripped) $125.00
Upper Only: $70.00

Lower Only: $70.00
AR Upper and Lower Receivers Only – 3 color camo + Stencil charge  (Stripped): $195.00
Upper / Lower / and Handrail One Color: $175.00
Barrel: one color $70.00 (Rem700, Moss 590 example)

Lights: $55.00
Stock: Standard A2 or M4 (One Color): $50.00
Stock: Target Adjustable One Color: $75.00
Bolt: $25.00

Bipod (One Color): $50.00
Handguards (One Color): $65.00
Handguards Quad Rail (One Color): $75.00
Additional Color Charges for Accessories (Each Color): $18.00
AR-10 and Variants add to AR-15 pricing: $38.00

Bolt Action Rifles – Complete
Rem 700 and similar: One Color: $215.00
With Adjustable Tactical Stocks – Surcharge: add to above: $25.00
Bolt Action and Tactical 2nd Color surcharge: add $30.00
Bolt Action and Tactical – Three Color Camouflage Surcharge – add $75.00 to the 2nd color surcharge
Bolt Action and Tactical – Camouflage Four and Five Color Patterns – Surcharge (add to one color base price): $125.00
Bolt Action Rifle Magazines: One Color $25.00
Bolt Action Rifle Magazines: Each Additional Color $12.00
50 BMG Bolt Action Rifles: One Color $420.00
Barrett 92A1 and similar semi-auto 50BMG rifles: One Color $500.00
50 BMG Rifles Additional Colors: Each color, add $115.00
Barrett 92A1 Magazines : One Color $45.00
Barrett and 50 BMG Magazines – Additional Colors, each: $18.00
Four and Five Color Camouflage Patterns 50 BMG rifles: $325.00

10% discount for Law Enforcement, Fire & Military

*NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior written notice. Not all firearms are the same and sometimes special circumstances may apply. PROLINE Firearms will notify the owner of special requirements upon receipt and inspection of the firearm and provide a revised quote before services are performed.

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Tight Tolerance Parts and Markings:

We do not coat sears, springs, bores/chambers or other tolerance critical or high-flex parts. In addition, we do not media blast scopes or other optics and, as a result, there will not be as good an adhesion of the Cerakote to those items.

TOLERANCE: For standard firearms applications it is often inadvisable to coat both pins and pin holes, as the resulting one (1) mil thickness of the coating when applied to rounded surfaces creates increase of two (2) mil to the part tolerance and four (4) mil (.004) when both hole and pin are coated. This is also applicable to auto-pistol slide and frame fit, such as on tight-fitting 1911’s. We typically plug or mask holes and pins and only coat the pin ends. However, we can coat pins and holes and then custom fit these parts after coating for an additional charge. We recommend hand fitting and lapping for 1911 pistol slides and frames as this will yield a precision fit and can help to tighten looser fitting slide/frame combos.

MARKINGS: For receivers, frames, slides, Picatinny rails which have painted on or lightly laser etched markings these markings will be lost during the surface preparation and coating unless they are machine engraved or stamped. If these markings are of great importance we can mask over them, but those areas in and immediately around the markings will not be coated and, as such, will not blend. Manufacturer’s serial numbers will be masked at no additional charge where needed or coated where possible. Some manufacturer model numbers, name etc which are laser engraved will be masked over. This is per BATFE (ATF) regulations. Please consult us for specific requirements.


RUST RESISTANCE: Cerakote™ finishes have been tested in salt spray and full emersion and have withstood beyond 3,000 hours in salt spray and hundreds of hours in full emersion testing. These results outperform other finishes by over 10x. This makes Cerakote™ finishes the clear choice for marine environments and other environments subject to high humidity and salt water environments.

WEAR RESISTANCE: Cerakote™ finishes can withstand over 5,000 (5,212) wear cycles per mil (.0001). The Tabor wear test uses an 8″ abrasive wheel applied to a metal plate coated with 1 mil thickness of the Cerakote coating. In addition, Cerakote’s Coefficient of Friction is 80% less than stainless steel against stainless steel. So, when one or both moving parts of a firearm are coated you can expect a significantly longer product duty cycle or service life.

ADHESION: Cerakote finishes have an ASTM D3359 rating of 5B and can withstand a 180° mandrel bend rotation test around a 1/4″ mandrel and a ball bearing impact test of 160 inch-lbs with no cracking or loss of adhesion. This is significant performance given Cerakote’s 9H pencil hardness, which is the highest hardness rating in the scale.

HARDNESS AND SCRATCH RESISTANCE: ASTM D3363 is a 9H pencil hardness and 6H scratch resistance.

FILM THICKNESS: 1.0 mil (Cerakote DFAC “Dry Film Anti-Carbon” is .25 to .50 mil)

If you don't see it listed no worries.  We will finish just about anything, HELL if you sign all the legal waivers we'll Cerakote YOU!