Plate Carrier

Plate Carrier

Just a little legal BS so we can CYA..



  1. Active Duty US Law Enforcement and Active Duty US Military personnel. A photograph of a valid LE or Military ID must be submitted.

  2. Security Contractors with a current LOA for use of firearms. A photograph of your Contractor ID and LOA must be submitted.

  3. Law Abiding US Citizens over the age of 21, with no criminal or mental health history. The following must be provided:
    • A copy of a valid State-issued Driver's License, and
    • A copy of a valid Concealed Weapons Carry Permit or Criminal Background Check letter from your local Police Department and or AG's office.  
  1. Active Firefighter and Certified EMT Professional. Firefighters must submit a photograph of a valid Firefighter ID. EMT or Paramedics must submit a photograph of both their State Certification ID and National Registry card.

All identification must be submitted in a clearly legible format- an emailed photograph is preferred. You can send email to PROLINEFIREARMS@GMAIL.COM with subject line "Confirmation ID" or if you are using a fax, send a lightened copy to (401) 941-4868.

ORIGINALS must be mailed in and received before your order can be shipped.

If you are unable to provide all the required documents for your purchasing category, please do not order any Body Armor items as your sale will not be processed. Substitutions to the required documents are not accepted.

If you live in the state of Connecticut we cannot sell you Body Armor unless you are Active Law Enforcement or Military. All individual Body Armor sales must ship to physical US addresses that match the addresses on your State-issued ID. PROLINE reserves the right to deny the sale of Body Armor to any individual for any reason.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Legal Guys at Proline                                                


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